Cheats for Quake 2: Ground Zero (PC)

New Weapons (with Ammo) & PowerUps:

(use as "give" commands like in normal Quake2)
ETF Rifle
Plasma Beam
Prox Launcher
Double Damage
Hunter Sphere
Defender Sphere
Vengeance Sphere
A-M Bomb
IR Goggles

Ammo for ETF Rifle: Flechettes
Ammo for Prox Launcher: Prox

You can also type: "give all"
or: "give weapons"
or: "give ammo"

I know that the maps names are listed in the documentation of
Ground Zero, but I found out that there are three other maps
not shown in the list in the documentation. So I listed them
all up here.

(use as "map" commands like in normal Quake2)

Single Player Maps:               Multiplayer Maps:
RMINE1 - Lower Mines              RDM1 - The Low Road
RMINE2 - Mine Engineering         RDM2 - The High Road
RLAVA1 - Thaelite Mines           RDM3 - Boxed In
RLAVA2 - Tectonic Stabilizer      RDM4 - Razor Close
RWARE1 - Eastern Warehouse        RDM5 - Stone Hinge
RWARE2 - Waterfront Storage       RDM6 - Nexus
RBASE1 - Logistics Complex        RDM7 - Sewer Citadel
RBASE2 - Tactical Command         RDM8 - Styx and Stones
RHANGAR1 - Research Hangar        RDM9 - Scenic Overlook
RHANGAR2 - Maintenance Hangars    RDM10 - Great Divide
RSEWER1 - Waste Processing        RDM11 - Dish It Out
RSEWER2 - Waste Disposal          RDM12 - Fall From Grace
RAMMO1 - Munitions Plant          RDM13 - Roads To Nowhere
RAMMO2 - Ammo Depot               RDM14 - Rogue's Edge
RBOSS - Widow's Lair

Misc. Maps:
RUNIT2 - Weapon- & Ammo Depot for Unit 2
RUNIT3 - Weapon- & Ammo Depot for Unit 3
RUNIT4 - Weapon- & Ammo Depot for Unit 4
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