Cheats for Popscene 2 (PC)

Remove mission deadlines:
Press [Ctrl] + [M] at the calendar screen.

Unlock labels:
Highlight the Popscene 2 logo at the editing screen, then press [P] + [2].

Change balance:
Hold [M] and press [Plus] or [Minus] at the calendar screen.

Other cheats:
Press [Ctrl] + [L] at the Editing screen to unlock all labels!
Press [Ctrl] + [C] at the Editing screen to reset contracts of all characters.
Hold down the [A] key during the news to force an awards ceremony.
Hold down [C] during the News to force a record deal.
Press [Ctrl] + [M] at the Calendar screen to erase any missions.
Press [Backspace] or [Del] at the Formation screen to remove a band member.
Press [Backspace] or [Del] at the Project Selection screen to remove an
 old album from the archives.
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