Cheats for Overlord (PC)

When there is water in front of you or blocking your path, 
only you can walk through it. If your goblin minions go out 
of the shallow end of the water they will drown, and can only 
be saved by blue goblins. Instead of guiding your goblin minions 
across a complex path to keep out of the water (which they usually 
fall in anyway and drown), simply walk through the water. Your minions 
are smart enough not to follow you and will automatically seek the 
easiest path to get back to you. Be careful; sometimes your minions 
cannot get through because a bridge needs to be activated (for example, 
Blue Goblin Cave).

Guard duty:
Always have blue minions on guard duty. While on a guard post, they will 
actively run into the combat, grab a fallen peer, and drag their half 
conscious form over to you so they can revive their fallen comrade. 
However, while not assigned, they will wait for you to micromanage 
them over to the body by sweeping, making them almost useless in a 
large battle.
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