Cheats for Outlaws (PC)

PC Codes
Type While In Game

olairhead - Fly Mode
olash - Unlimited Ammo
olcds - Super Map Mode
olfps - Display Frame Rate
olgps - Display Player Coordinates
oljackpot - Add Inventory
olpostal - Gives All Weapons With Full Ammo
olredlite - Stops Enemies In Their Tracks
olzip - Teleport
olscreening - Show Cutscenes
olopec - Adds Oil
olgusher - Unlimited Oil
OLIMYELLA:god mode. (won't die from falling and all bosses)
OLER:full health
OLBOUNCE:super jump mode
OLWIMPY:automatic reload


Alien Cattle Experiments:
On the first level go to a part of the level where
they have a Moon house, then enter the code for All
Weapons. You should see a crack in the Moon house.
Light a dynamite stick and throw it in the Moon house.
Now there should be a hole where the crack is. Crouch
and go in the hole. Now swim through the water until
you get to land. If you follow the path of land you
will find a big circle in the middle. Go around the
circle till you find a window. Open the window and
you should see two aliens about to saw open a cow!!

Easter Egg:
In Historical Missions, go to Bloody Mary Nash's
level. At the beginning of the level jump from the
crates to the platform. Once on the platform, walk
to the very back of the path and nudge the crate.
Keep doing this until another path appears go down
the path until you see a gold idol in a ray of
sunlight. Get the idol. The writing you will see
may sound familiar if you've ever seen "Raiders
of the Lost Ark."

Western Bunny
On the mission to get Dynamite Dick as you are
reaching the end of your mission you will come
to one final building.In the building will be
men standing at the bar, kill them and get behind
the bar and crouch down and you will see a red
button push it.
Then go to the balcony and you will see a door,
go in  and start pushing around boxes, there is
two diffrent ones you can move. Keep moving them
and you will find a little bunny, make sure you
are invincible, he can shot.
Sit and listen to his little song you will get a
laugh out of it.

Secret Water-Level
Whenever in the game there is a well, water trough,
or watering hole you can get into a secret water-level
by jumping into it and pushing the "crouch" control.
You will begin to sink, and sink, and sink until you
either go swim into a tunnel within the water or land
on the bottom of the area.

From there on you can move throughout the level by
swimming with the noraml movements keys and with
the "crouch" and "jump" keys. You should be able
to find gold, items, weapons, and even stars, plus
many helpless citizens and chickens for you to do
away with as you please.
None of the enemies from the game can follow you there.
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