Cheats for Outlast 2 (PC)


Limit the use of your night vision and sound tracking. Both of these items
use an xtreme amount of battery power, and using them all the time will
run your battery supply down quickly.

When in doubt, hide. There are plenty of hiding places to make use of in
Outlast 2, so make sure you use every single one of the them to your
advantage and stick to the shadows.

Watch out for sleeping cultists. Sometimes houses may seem friendly, but that
doesn't mean they are. Watch out for cultists sleeping in their beds, and be
sure to always check rooms before opening the doors to them.

Scavenge for batteries and bandages as often as possible. You never know when
you're going to need these items, so grab them just for the sake of having
them. It never hurts to be prepared.

Play with your camera up all the time. This will make it harder for you to miss
recording areas. Just beware, you do move a little slower with the camera up,
and it does block a little of your vision.
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