Cheats for Osiris: New Dawn (PC)

This is for those that lost saves/characters in single player 
or those that don't want to grind so much every time a new character 
is made in single player.

In your save folder: 

open the Player.txt with any text editor.

Some of the parameters in this single line of text (the important ones):

In this example the last number (10632) is the character XP
1:Character_Name:Universe Name_local_Proteus2:0:984.7634|-85.38825|-1703.914:0|0.4710032|0|
10632 = Lv 12

Since changing the XP in this way will not give any stat points, 
close to the end of the line you will find: 

The last 5 numbers are:
Stat Points - number of stat points to distribute
Agility     - !how many times agility was upgraded! NOT %
Fortitude   - !how many times fortitude was upgraded! NOT %
Strength    - !how many times strength was upgraded! NOT %
Stamina     - !how many times stamina was upgraded! NOT %

Ignore the various sub-points and go for the main skill points. 
Of course, on a new character these points will all be zero, 
so count carefully:
:Missions/Startup|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|0|0|0:0:15:8:13:6::Mobile Technology|Civil Engineering|
Lab Construction|Ground Vehicles|Basic Storage|Metallurgy|Chemistry|First Aid|Fabrication|
Solar Technology|Computer Technology|Mechanized Monsters|Small Guns|Heavy Weaponry|
Light Weapons Training 1|Melee Weaponry|Melee Weapons Training

Please note that on a new character instead of the various unlocked skill 
names (like "Mobile Technology") you will see this :::::
2: Combat Points
920: Melee
10: Light Weapons
0: Heavy Weapons
0: Special Weapons
0: Tactical Weapons
3: Engineering Points
540: Mining
336: Industrial Engineering
100: Military Engineering
0: Mechatronics
0: Aerospace Engineering
4: Sciene Points
5: Chemistry
6: Botany
7: Biochem
8: Computer Science
9: Zoology research

That's basically it. You can add resources and items also you could 
simply pick up various resources in-game, save, go to main menu, 
open the Player.txt file and edit the quantities and then reload the game.
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