Cheats for Onimusha 3: Demon Siege (PC)

Regain health:
Equip Ako's White Haori then stand still.

Samanosuke's alternate costume:
Complete the game under the normal difficulty setting with a 
high score as Samanosuke. Alternately, Complete the game as Jacques' 
alternate costume.

Secret training mode mini-game:
Complete normal training mode, then complete the game.

Ultimate mode:
Complete the Oni shooting mini game. The game will start with Sam 
having the Bishamon sword; Jacques having his best Oni Musou; 
unlimited arrows, bullets, unlimited Oni power, thirty Medicines, 
and ten Talismans.

Unlimited Genma Souls:
This trick only works for Samanosuke. Once you obtain the Ten-Point 
Slash Training Scroll, play under the beginner difficulty setting 
multiple times. Each time you finish, you should come away with one bar, 
or close to it. Do this until you have the desired amount of souls, 
or until you max all your equipment.

Use less magic during magic attacks:
This trick requires the gauntlet for Sam/Jacques to be at least level 2. 
Charge up the gauntlet to at least two and unleash a magic attack. With the
purple vest on Ako you can do about five magic attacks in a row instead 
of four.

Adventures of Heihachi (Heihachi Buraiden) mode:
Complete the game. Heihachi (Honda) is now selectable.

Ako's Black Haori:
Complete Issen/Oni training.

Alternate ending sequence:
Increase all seven Haori of Ako to the maximum. This requires all Kodama 
to be found.
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