Cheats for OLDTV (PC)

Hold to skip 25 Channels:
As the name suggests skip 25 channels using the hold to skip skill.

Go to space on the main menu:
Collect 300 CP to unlock the infinity channe and then start a round.

Accumulation 1000 & 2000 CP:
You will have to play the game until you earn enough CP.
(there is no other way around this)

Buy all Skills:
Save enough CP so that you can buy all 3 skills atleast once.

Reach #200 on saturn:
Go to the infinity channel and reach channel 200, Keep in mind that
you can also use skips to reach channel 200.

Reach channel 10 on monochrome:
This one isn't as hard as it sound, go into settings and change the
colorblindness setting to monochrome and use 10 skips.

Reach channel 10 with another language:
Much like the monochrome achievement go into settings and change the
language to one you didn't pick at the start. then start a round and
use 10 skips.
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