Cheats for O.R.B. : Off-World Resource Base (PC)

Press [Enter] then type code and press [Enter] again to activate: 

Win current mission                    $WIN
Get indicated amount of resource units $RU  
Get indicated amount of support units  $SU   
Research all current techs             $GET TECH  
Research all techs                     $GET ALL TECHS  
Enable fog of war                      $FOGOWAR ON  
Disable fog of war                     $FOGOWAR OFF  
Crash game                             $REPAIR ALL  
Lower all current enemy hulls to 1     $WEAKEN ENEMY  
Show frame rate                        $FPS ON  
Hide frame rate                        $FPS OFF  
Unknown                                $CLEAR FOW 
God mode for selected unit             $GOD ON  
Disable God mode for selected unit     $GOD OFF  
Set research speed                     $RESEARCH X   
Set build speed                        $BUILD X   
Enable asteroid collisions             $COLLISIONS ON  
Disable asteroid collisions            $COLLISIONS OFF
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