Cheats for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (PC)

How to Skip Intro Videos:
Go in your Steam library, right click on Mutant Year Zero, click Proprieties, then go in the Local Files tab, and click Browse Local Files. A window will open displaying the game files installed on your computer. Now follow this folder path: \ZoneUE4\Content\Movies
In the Movies folder you will see several video files, delete all of them. Done, now the intro movies will not play anymore and you will be at the menu after opening the game.

Artifact Locations:
Artifacts can be used to redeem key bonuses that strengthen your squad and allow you additional bonuses in the Ark such as discounts at Iridia’s Shop.

-=Boom Box=-
Found in the Eastern Outpost zone guarded by 2 zone ghouls
(with an additional 3rd zone ghoul behind the cabin).

-=Boom Box=-
Recommend purchasing Iridia’s Discount first (can be redeemed at Pripps Place).

Found in Hammon’s Cabin zone right outside of Hammon’s Cabin. Guarded by level 5 Shaman,
Hunter and Marauder.

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