Cheats for Minecraft (PC)

Toggle view:
Press [F5] during game play in Survival mode to switch to first person view.

Press [F5] during game play in Creative mode.

Duplicate items:
Place the items to be duplicated into a box. Save and return to Main Menu. 
Return to your game, take the items from the box. Hold [Alt] and press [F4]
to crash the game. reboot and return to your save, you will still have the 
items in the box but they will also be in your inventory....

Display framerate:
Hold [F3] during game play. 

Show current lag:
Hold [F6] during game play.

How to make infinite doors:
Place a door (wood or iron) between two cacti that have grown to at 
least two blocks high. It will drop another door for you to pick up.

While playing the game in Single Player mode, press [C] or [T] 
to display the "Commands" bar. Then, type one of the following codes 
and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Note: The "Allow Cheats" option must be set to "On" when creating 
a new world for these codes to work. 
Additionally, some codes may not work any longer due 
to updates and patches to the game.
/gamemode 0                    - Change to Survival mode
/gamemode 1                    - Change to Creative mode
atlantis [on or off]           - Toggle Atlantis mode
ascend                         - Moves to next platform above your position
heal [health points]           - Heal indicated amount of health points
health [min, max, or infinite] - Refill health to indicated level
bring [entity]                 - Bring indicated entity to you
duplicate                      - Duplicates & drops current item stack in hand
damage                         - Toggle player damage
falldamage                     - Toggle player fall damage
firedamage                     - Toggle player fire damage
mobdamage                      - Mobs cannot damage you
infiniteitems                  - Toggle infinite items
keepitems                      - Keep items after you die
kill                           - Kill current player
killall [mob type]             - Kill indicated type of mob
killnpc [all, animal, or monster] - Kill indicated living things nearby
instantkill                    - Instantly kill the animal or monster you hit
goto [name]                    - Go to waypoint
home                           - Teleport to spawn point
spawnportal                    - Spawn a portal
spawn [name, ID, random, or list] [quantity] - Spawn individual creature
chest [drop, get, fill, or swap] - Access chest commands
skin [username]               - Change player skin to any Minecraft skin
cannon [strength]             - Shoot primed TNT block at pointer
clearwater                    - Toggle clarity of water
clone [amount]                - Clone the block at pointer
confuse [distance]            - Confuses mobs
cyclepainting                 - Cycle through the painting at pointer
defuse                        - Defuse all nearby active TNT
descend                       - Moves to the next platform below your position
destroy                       - Destroy current item
difficulty [0-3]              - Toggle difficulty; 
                                0 (Peaceful), 1 (Easy), 2 (Medium), 3 (Hard)
flammable [block] [catch or spread] - Set specified block 
                                      at indicated flammability
dropstore                         - Transfer entire inventory to chest 
                                    that spawns next to you
explode                           - Set off explosion
fly [speed]                       - Fly at indicated speed                         
freeze                            - Freezes mobs                                   
grow                              - Grow all wheat and spruce trees                
help [command name]               - Display more information about specified       
instantmine                       - Toggle instant mine                            
instantplant                      - Instantly grows what you plant                 
itemdamage                        - Toggle breakage or usage of an item            
jump                              - Move to pointer                                
light                             - Toggle permanent lighting                      
listwaypoints                     - List all waypoints on the map                  
longerlegs                        - Longer legs                                    
platform                          - Glass block under your feet                    
rename [command name] [newname]   - Rename command name to a new command name
ride                              - Ride the living creature at pointer
setspawn [x][y][z]                - Set spawn point to indicated coordinates
setspeed [speed or reset]         - Set speed at which player moves 
                                    to a indicated speed or resets it
slippery [block name]             - Set the specified blocks slippery
superheat                         - Turn all items into their smelted form
tele [x] [y] [z]                  - Teleport to indicated coordinates
useportal                         - Teleport to the Nether, repeat to return
waterdamage                       - Toggle player water damage
biome                             - Display biome you are currently in
clear                             - Clear console
weather [lightning/thunder/rain]  - Change weather
world [load, save, seed, new, exit, list, or backup] - Control game save 
                                                       from Command bar
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