Cheats for Microsoft Train Simulator (PC)

Go 200+ mph:
Select "Simple Controls" in the options window, select the Innsbruck to
St. Anton route, select the starting point to be St. Anton, and select 
the Flying Scotsman as the train. Start the simulation. Detach from your
train (leave the tender) and press D until the regulator is at 100%. Wait,
and your speed will exceed 200 mph.

Command Line Switches:
The game features a variety of undocumented command line parameters. 
Undocumented until they started to get emailed out to people contacting 
MS support regarding the sometimes lousy performance of the game The 
majority act as switches for various capabilities of the game's graphic
engine, which can increase performance. Use at your own risk.

Used to increase capabilities:
/anisotropic  - enables anisotropic mode
/fsaa         - enables full scene anti-aliasing

Used to troubleshoot:
/forcemaskz     - fixes "block form" smoke effects
/pixbias        - fixes blocky, unsmoothed text
/nofiltercab    - fixes seams being visible in cab
/ttfblitfix     - fixes distorted/missing text
/skipsizecheck  - Skips texture size limit check
/skipbiascheck  - Skips pixel behavior check
/simpleclipping - changes clipping mode, (fixes "snow" effects on videocards)
/maxtex:#       - fixes texture distortion where # is the memory value it's 
                  to be forced into (for instance /maxtex:256).
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