Cheats for Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance (PC)

Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and type one of the following
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
superfunkicalifragisexy  - Toggle invincibility        
iseenfireandiseenrain    - Toggle unlimited ammo       
ooohhhlllaaalllaaa       - Toggle heat tracking        
itsdabooomb              - Nuke current target         
redjackandtikruls        - Destroy current target      
inmybeautifulballoon     - Jump jets                   
crazysexycool            - Unlimited jump jet juice    
likethecomstarbaby       - End mission successfully    
beholdmyglory            - Free-eye mode               
ontimeeverytime          - Enable time compression code
antijolt                 - Time expansion activated    
bubbleboy                - Display bounding spheres    
flashyflashy             - Enable auto-grouping        
walkthisway              - Enable leading recticle     
wediditagain             - Display Credits             
IY                       - Invunerability
UO                       - Unlimited Ammo
HF                       - HEAT TRACKING OFF
IB                       - Destroy Enemy Mech
ML                       - Finish mission with success
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