Cheats for Mad Games Tycoon (PC)

HEX Codes:
You just need a hex editor (for example WinHEX) to do this trick.

Start a new game and make sure you turn on "unlock everything".
Save the game and quit.

Now go to "%appdata%/locallow/eggcode/Mad Games Tycoon" and load
the savegame into HxD. Your savegame is numbered 1 less than the
slot it uses.

Now search for this hex value: "7B 7E 05 6D 6F 6E 65 79 0A 00 00 00 07"
Change the next 4 digits to whatever you choose: FF is always a good max value.

Save the file and load up your save in MGT,
and play creative with more money than you need.
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