Cheats for Love Hina Sim Date (PC)

Enter one of the following codes:
moneygrowsontrees - Start with $250,000
theincredibleyou  - +15 Intelligence, $1,000
naruhaseyes       - Play as Naru
sofarsgood        - Insane conversations
rainbowsrgood     - Shinobu dress up game
eva4hidden        - Secret movie
motokoismotoko    - Motoko dress up game
allyourmoves      - All moves, including "Revive"
theincredibleyou  - 100 for all stats
hellissprings     - The Springs Are Hell
smashwatermelons  - Mutsune dress up game
randomamv         - Random credits
crazygirlmot      - Girls sometimes walk around with limited clothing

Search for clickable places to find a person:
Search the indicated clickable location to find the corresponding person. 
Stalker             - Outside of TeaHouse.
Screaming Man       - Lounge.
Rei                 - Stair Hallway.
Shinobu             - Shinobu's Room.
Mitsune             - Mitsune's Room.
Asuka               - Keitaro's Room.
Sadako              - Keitaro's Room.
Shinobu             - Dining Room.
Tsuruko             - East Town.
Sachiel             - Left of Bridge.
Hyatt               - Kitchen.
Excel               - Kitchen.
Naru/Shinobu Hybrid - West Town.
Amara               - Training Center.
Kanako              - Tokyo University.
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