Cheats for London Racer: Destruction Madness (PC)

Note: Using cheats seems to result in the game resetting/deleting 
      your saved progress. 

Start the game. Open the game Console by hitting the key [F1]. 
A console window should open with a cursor. Enter your codes. 
Hit [F1] to leave the console. (or type CLOSE and hit the Enter key) 

CLOSE                   - Remove this console display 
HELP                    - Lists all commands 
DEBUG                   - Activates hidden debug commands 
LIST [filename]         - Display the contents of the given file (in ASCII) 
please_repair           - Fully repair car
please_instantkill      - One hit kills an enemy car 
please_invulnerability  - Invulnerable 
please_grip             - Show current Grip Rating 
please_grip [#]         - Set grip # from -128 through 5
please_power            - Show current Power Rating 
please_power [#]        - Set power # from  -128 through 5
please_defence          - Show current Defense Rating 
please_defence [#]      - Set defence # from -128 through 5
please_attack           - Show current Attack Rating 
please_attack [#]       - Set attack # from -128 through 5 
please_unlockeverything - Everything unlocked
                          [works at the Main Menu & in the Quick Race sub-menu. 
                           cannot be enabled while racing or within 
                           the Career Mode sub-menu.] 
please_level            - Show current Level # 
please_level [#]        - Set level # from 0 through 95 
please_leveljump        - Skip level
please_leveljump [#]    - Jumps levels forward or backward the # you select 
please_shit             - Shit out pickups. 
please_freezeai [0/1]   - Toggle freeze AI 
please_lose Race        - Lose this event 
please_win              - Race won. Win this event 

Grip, Power, Defense, Attack. These effect your car's 4 abilities 
during a race. Each car has a set of default values for these settings, 
as shown on the car selection screen before you start a race. 
The applicable cheats above will override those settings.
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