Cheats for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (PC)

Pause the game, select the "Extras" option, 
and choose the "Enter Code" selection. 
Then, enter one of the following codes 
to activate the corresponding cheat function:


74EZUT   - 2X Stud Multiplier          
EY2B5C   - 4X Stud Multiplier          
HYF2B7   - 6X Stud Multiplier          
4H9HQE   - 8X Stud Multiplier          
A92HDW   - 10X Stud Multiplier         
MNZER6   - Attract Studs               
ZHAXFH   - Beep Beep                   
GTDHR3   - Big Heads                   
TPJ37T   - Character Studs             
BWQ2MS   - Disguises                   
4LGJ7T   - Extra Hearts                
7TXH5K   - Extra Toggle                
TPGPG2   - Fall Rescue                 
MBXW7V   - Gold Brick Finder           
MVXP8E   - Invincibility               
LRJAG8   - Minikit Piece Finder        
RYD3SJ   - Peril Finder                
5KKQ6G   - Red Brick Finder            
ZXEX5D   - Regenerate Hearts           
JN2J6V   - Super Build                 
JXN7FJ   - Vine Grapples               
C79LVH   - Harley Quinn's Motorbike
ZQA8MK   - Heavy Joker Goon      
9ZZZBP   - Joker Goon            
W49CSJ   - LexBot                
V9SAGT   - Police Officer        
M9CP6L   - Poison Ivy Goon       
Q285LK   - Riddler Goon          
95KPYJ   - Two-Face Goon
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