Cheats for Legends Of Valour (PC)

To get 9,999 gold pieces, edit the LOV1_n.SAV, where n stands for the save
game slot you used.  Change the following bytes:
~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~
0B1F                       0F                   2847                    15
0B20               27                   2848                    39

The following three magic items are essential so make sure you don't get rid
of them:
THE SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS - these can be found in the building south of the town
gate where you start the game.
THE POWER GAUNTLETS - these are in the armoury.
AMULET OF PROTECTION - these can be found by following the passage after the
lizard man's cage in the zoo.

A couple of other items worth pursuing are the Orb of Vision which you can
find downstairs in the jewellers and the Summoning Book which is upstairs in
the Scriptorium. Happy hunting!
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