Cheats for Kudos 2 (PC)

Cheat Codes:
Go to your Kudos 2 files on your "C:/" (or wherever its located)
and click on "DATA" file. From there click on the TEXT document 
"Config". A word/text document should come up, and you can input
as many options as you like. 

Change the numbers to your liking: 

EX. GV_startingcash = 120.00
change the to whatever you want. 
Save the file...and play the game!

Max Money:
You'll have to modify a game file and will need microsoft excel or an
alternative program that will open spreadsheet files.

1. open up your game directory / DATA / SIMULATION / Assets.cvs
2. go to the ''I'' column where it says resell percentage
3. pick a relatively expensive item like the expensive car,
4. and tweak the resell percentage to like 1000.

Save and go test it in game, buy the bed and resell it for x1000. You can 
mod the price you buy the items for and such using this method.

Relationship Glitch:
Ok so its really simple. If you wanna keep your friends. 
Do an activity with them every week. Subsequently everyday/night before 
you do your activity invite them out to to do that same activity. 
They will all reject your offer. However when they reject your 
offer their relationship bar will go higher. You can only do 
this once per day like on weekends.
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