Cheats for Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns (PC)

Press [ENTER] then type any of the following codes:
there is no spoon  - build all unit           
hoody hoo          - +10 for all products     
unpleasant dreams  - Cataclysm                 
speed it up        - Fast construction        
free gold          - Maximum gold             
yeahbam            - Win current mission      
show fog           - Full map                 
show grid          - Toggle grid              
show control       - Toggle control zones     
show supply        - Toggle supply zones      
show guard         - Toggle guard zones       
show population    - Toggle population zones  
show damage        - Toggle combat damage     
show blocked       - Toggle blocked tiles     
show tilenums      - Toggle tile numbers      
show types         - Toggle tile terrain types
show health        - Toggle health bars       
show detection     - Toggle detection zones   
show sairegions    - Toggle SAI- regions      
show saidebug      - Toggle SAI- debug        
show fog           - Toggle Fog               

Conjure Cheat (Requires Patch 1.2.0)
conjure [front] [support] [support] x y

The cheat code creates a company with the desired
combination of front and support units.
This cheat will also allow a player to create the company
at a particular location if specified (x y).

conjure skeleton skeleton shadow_priest 
conjure cavalier sorceress warlock 32 32
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