Cheats for Kingdom: New Lands (PC)

Population Growth:
If you want a larger population in your kingdom, you'll need to find
lost souls int he forest and give them coins. Also, make sure that
you don't destroy camps. It's easy to accidentally do that by cutting
down trees that are located along the edges of a camp, so make sure
you leave those standing or you'll lose camps and the potential
population growth they would have enabled.

Explore Constantly:
When you explore, you can find great treasure. You should look for
treasure chests to the east and west of your base of operations, and
a single chest can go a long way toward funding your growth so that
you can become more powerful and fend off nasty foes.

Early Bird Strategies:
Your expansion needs to come in small spurts. Start as a day begins,
and assign your tough jobs at that time. Otherwise, if you start a
task late in the day, your people might keep working on it well into
the dangerous night. And when you build a wall, you'll also need to
spend time strengthening it once it has been constructed, which is
difficult if you put that construction off until later in the day.

Archers Matter:
When you first start playing, it can be tempting to spend your gold
as fast as you can earn it, investing in workers and other such
things. If you do that, though, you won't be ready for the impending
enemy invasion. Make sure that you prioritize for walls and archers.
A single archer won't do you much good, since shots often miss, so
try to gather many archers and let their combined might turn adversaries
into pincushions. Don't necessarily build towers for your archers,
though, because then they won't want to go anywhere else.
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