Cheats for Just Get Through (PC)

To use cheats, enter the cheatcode with your keyboard while idling in 
the game's main menu. When you restart the game all cheatcodes will get
disabled again.

enableweapon - Enables a just-for-fun weapon for the sandbox 
               (Use it by holding down the right mouse button, 
                switch to test-mode with Ctrl+C first)	
cinema       - Enables a screenshot-mode for the game. 
               Super Widescreen, more glow, tiny cursor, no hud etc.
unluck       - Unlocks all color palettes and gamemodes.
restart      - Resets cheats and also restarts the game.
unlockall    - Unlocks all color palettes.
pyro         - You will create a trail of fire when running on the ground.
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