Cheats for Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (PC)

Remove Build limits and Unlock all dig sites:
You will have to edit some ini files. Do not forget to backup!!!!

Unlock all Dig sites: 
the game defaults that you can only unlock 5 digs sites total.
The following edit only affects NEW islands. 
It will not work on saved islands. 
head to you JPOG folder under the DATA folder 
open up FslHunt.ini 
scroll down to the bottom look at the string "maxchosen" 
under Windows and XBox builds 
default that number is 5. Change it to 9. 
what follows below is the number of sites avaiable as you earn more stars. 
Change them all to 0. 

Start new game. go to fossil hunt and Unlock each site. 
It also helps to edit these strings in constant.ini 
FossilHuntStartNumTeams = 1; 
FossilHuntMaxNumTeams = 5 

Its mute to have all sites avaliable but not enough teams to work on them. 
99 is a good number for both. (It will cause the "tents" to go off 
the screen and to the right) 

also edit this string also it allows you to have more storage for the 
vast amount fossil you'll be able to dig up 
FossilStorageMaxItems = 15 

Remove Building Limits: 
The game limits you on how much you can build of each item. 
You want to go to your JPOG folder under DATA folder then go to UNIT folder. 
Open the following ini files and search for this string 
"UnitSpecific" without quotes. It applies to all ini files. 

list format is: File Name <- what structure/building 

HerbFDsp.ini <- herbivore feeder 
CarnFDsp.ini <- carnivore feeder 
Toilet.ini   <- bathrooms 
Hatchery.ini <- hatchery 
HuntPlat.ini <- view hunting platforms. no idea really what they are. 
Kiosk.ini    <- kiosk I belive this is food stand. 
shop.ini     <- also shops this souviner store 
hvdome.ini   <- viewing domes 
hventry.ini  <- viewing vents 
safari.ini   <- safari rides 
Road.ini     <- roads/path
rangerdp.ini <- ranger stations 
ViewPlat.ini <- regular viewing platforms 
turret.ini   <- security turret 

Remove Dino Limit, Vistor Limit, Start Money etc:
You will have to edit some ini files. Do not forget to backup!!!!

Find file "Constant.ini" its in your "Data" folder. 
I will included name of value its default and what they do. 
a simple search will get to these strings faster. 

  This set controls game time. 
  ie a day passes in the game for every 10 seconds in real life. 

MaxDinoPopulation = 60;       <-Max dinos allowed. When you reach 60 you 
                                 will get message of max reached. 
ParkStartPlayerMoney = 60000; <-money you start out with. 
ParkMaxEntryFee = 5000;       <-max you can charge per vistor. 
ParkMaxPopulationCap = 100;   <-max number of vistors you can have.
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