Cheats for Jurassic Park: Chaos Island (PC)

Also known as: Chaos Island: The Lost World
Hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [X] + [S] when playing. 
A red bar will appear on the lower left. 
Now type these cheats and then hit enter to activate them. 
raggsdale              - complete cheat menu
Kill                   - kills selected enemy
Egg raptor             - gives raptor egg
Egg trex               - gives trex egg
Egg stegosaur          - gives stegosaur egg
Egg dilo               - gives dilocosaur egg
Egg pachy              - gives pachy egg
Egg triceratops        - triceratops egg
Egg compy              - gives compy egg
Egg parasaur           - gives parasaur egg
Egg pachycephalosaurus - Pachycephalosaurus egg
Remdul                 - get alien
Health                 - recover health
Win                    - completes mission
Lose                   - loses mission
money #                - gain # dollars
upgrade s #            - increase speed
upgrade c #            - increase capacity
upgrade d #            - increase damage
upgrade v #            - increase vision
upgrade a #            - increase armor
clear                  - reveal map
jurassic               - Full map
Macleod                - Invincibility
Extra                  - Increase Eddie's and Nick's response
Audio #                - Enable specified character ending
Dead                   - Hold the dead
Prince                 - Programmer message
Core                   - Programmer picture
Remdul                 - Alien character and gun
Evets                  - Allow special winning setting
hppr #                 - Set health percentage for selected unit
[Shift] + [F3]         - Pause game
[Shift] + [F4]         - Advance frame by frame
[Shift] + [F5]         - Resume game.
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