Cheats for Jazz Jackrabbit 1 (PC)

Cheat Codes
Everything starts with [P] [Backspace]

Arjan  - HAHAHA displayed on screen
Gunhed - gives you all weapons
Tim    - displays AWESOME on screen
Check  - displays some numbers on the screen
Greetz - opens an "Arjan Greetz" window
Doom   - flashes the screen red (ar-ar!)
plus there's another little thing I won't tell you about...
Lamer  - jump to next level
Mark   - will lose a life and start over
Apogee - toggles between 16-color EGA and normal
Bouf   - temporary invincibility
Sable  - super sonic speed
Cstrike- gives you the air-board
Hooker - takes you to bonus level when current stage is done
Bad    - gives you the bird *yuk-yuk*
Ken    - don't know what it does
Hocus  - teleports, provided you have an enemy above or below you

Cheat edit
unlimit bullet
search FF 8D E2 D6 A0 DC D8
change 90 90 90 90 -- -- --
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