Cheats for Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire (PC)

On tactical screen hold [Ctrl] and type gabbi

[Alt] + [Enter]       - Aborts enemies turn  Tactical                             
[Alt] + [E]           - All characters and items are visible Tactical             
[Alt] + [O]           - Kill all enemies in current sector Tactical               
[Alt] + [R]           - Reload selected character's gun Tactical                  
[Alt] + [D]           - Restore selected character's AP  Tactical                 
[Alt] + [T]           - Teleport selected character to point Tactical           
[Ctrl] + [T]          - Teleport squad to sector under point in travel mode Map
[Ctrl] + [H]          - Damages -20 on under cursor placed merc's
[Ctrl] + [U]          - Heals and gaves full energie to merc's
[Ctrl] + [O]          - Spawns hostile bug
[Ctrl] + [K]          - Explosion at cursor
[Auto Resolve]        - Kill all enemies in sector Map  [Alt] +                   
[Plus]                - Additional $100,000 Laptop                                
[Minus]               - Decrease money by $10,000 Laptop                          
[Space] + [Left Mouse Btn] - Merc forces "away" character to join team Laptop
[Alt] + [O]           - 100 points of damage to all enemies in sector Other
[Alt] + [4]           - Character sits in wheelchair Other                        
[Alt] + [5]           - Character transforms into monster Other                   
[Alt] + [G]           - Create new character Other                                
[Alt] + [V]           - Create robot Other                                        
[Alt] + [K]           - Mustard gas explosion at pointer Other                    
[Alt] + [C]           - Spawn civilian at pointer Other                           
[Alt] + [B]           - Spawn enemy at pointer Other                              
[Alt] + [I]           - Spawn item at pointer Other
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