Cheats for InnerSpace (PC)

To enter these codes, press the DELETE key on your
keypad, then press one of the keys shown below.

F3- Power up guns
F4- Inner demonn
F5- Send in enforcer to wave
F6- Send in enfocer to wave to arrest you
F7- Main ship gets 3 noble weapons, the enlightment,
uncertainty and inner force
F8- Toggle on/off unvunerable
F9- No new defenders in wave
1- Automatically win a race
2- Exit Dodge City
3- Bring a knight to wave
4- Bring a pirate to wave
5- in Demons Gate Go to game ending
6- increase main ship fuel
7- Add a wildcard weapon to all ships
8- Add 1 credit to main ship
9- Powerup ships thrusters
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