Cheats for Incoming (PC)

Write NUMBERONEDACRESTREET in main menu. Menu will change, & all
cheat modes will be seen.

While playing a game, hold [Shift] and type one of the following codes:

solidasarock or invunerability - Invincibility
infinitelives                  - Infinite lives
infiniteweapons                - Infinite weapons
haveall                        - All items
wirewewaiting                  - Disable textures
whatsthepoint                  - Point graphics
gouraud                        - Gouraud shading enabled
flatbroke                      - Disable shading
oldmacdonald                   - Protect farm from jumping cows
flymetothemoon                 - Racing in the moon
superdaisy or supershoot       - One shot kills
masteroftheuniverse            - Toggle textures

While playing a game, press one of the following keys to activate 
the corresponding cheat function.:

[F2]  - Easy shots
[F3]  - Invincibility
[F4]  - Infinite lives
[F5]  - Infinite weapons
[F6]  - Smart bomb
[F7]  - Quit
[F8]  - Save current game
[F9]  - Reloads stored game
[F10] - Toggle frame wait
[F11] - Restart
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