Cheats for Imperium Romanum (PC)

In the game type any of the following cheat codes, 
chfreebuild      - Free Building 
chnofire         - Fire will never occur 
chnoplague       - Plague will never occur 
chnoriots        - Riots will never occur 
chgivemeall      - Will give you 1000 of everything 
chstartfire      - Starts fire 
chstopfire       - Stops fire 
chstartplague    - Starts plague 
chcureall        - Cure everyone 
chnofood         - Food is not produced 
chnomaterials    - Materials is not produced 
chwin            - Win senario 
challhistory     - Unlocks History Timeline 
chnobarbarian    - Barbarians wont attack 
chstartbarbarian - Start barbarians attacks 
chstopbarbarian  - Stop barbarians attacks 
chnocrime        - No more crime in town 
chstartriot      - Starts riots 
chstopriot       - Stop riots 
chnomorale       - Morale is not produced 
chtimemaster     - ??????

Note: cheat codes are case sensitive
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