Cheats for Hype: The Time Quest (PC)

Various Cheats
During gameplay, enter any of the following "Codes":

Code           Result
thundergod   - God Mode
hype         - Full Life
druide       - Full Magic
gork         - Full Armor
glittergold  - Money
littletroll  - Toggle HP Regeneration When Standing
littlegogoud - Toggle Magic Regeneration When Standing
hermetik     - Toggle Infinite Magic
houdini      - Toggle Infinite Arrows
ouioui       - 10 Additional Blue Arrows
nonnon       - 10 Additional Red Arrows
grolo        - 1 More of Each Inventory Item
thereyougo   - All Magics
wonderful    - Run Very Fast
pouletfrit   - Speed Boots
toutundefi   - Destroy Hype's Armor
end02        - Hit Barnak Once to Kill Him in the Top Tower
epok1        - Epok 1 Completed
epok2        - Epok 2 Completed
epok3        - Epok 3 Completed
epok4        - Epok 4 Completed
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