Cheats for Hexplore (PC)

These are 4 bytes Hex. Values can go up to 9,999,999 without system crash.
Health for Adventurer : 004425C8
Health for Archer : 00442D68
Health for Warrior : 00442998
Health for Sorceror : 00443138
Mana for Adventurer : 004425BC
Mana for Archer : 00442D5C
Mana for Warrior : 0044298C
Mana for Sorceror : 0044312C
Archer's Darts : 00442AE4
Archer's Poisoned Bolas : 00442B14
Archer's Crossbow : 00442AF4
Adventurer's Poison : 00442734
Adventurer's Explosive Powder : 004426F4
Adventurer's Healing Potion : 00442744
Warrior's Shockwave : 00442ED4

Press [Enter] during game play, type one of the following case-sensitive
codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Satisfaction        - Temporary weapon speed to selected hero          
Think Positive      - Temporary weapon double damage to selected hero  
What A Difference   - Temporary walk speed boost to selected hero      
My Drug             - Ammo to selected weapon                          
Mister White        - God mode                                                 
Full life Rat Race  - Kills all enemies Talking To Me                  
Glory Day           - Remove fog                                       
I'll Take You There - Level select                                     
Show                - Display mouse/cursor position
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