Cheats for Heroes of Might & Magic 5 (PC)

Enabling console and basic cheats:
To do so for all game profiles go to /gamedirectory/profiles/autoexec.cfg

Put this as last line
setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes

When you can use some cheats ingame. Press tilde key [`] to bring down console.
If it doesn't work for you because you don't have the key on your keyboard, 
can't find it because of foreign layout, whatever, you can always edit 
input.cfg in your user profile directory:

//debug keys
bind show_console '`'

Edit this to something suitable for you then.

Cheat cods that must be entered in the console:

add_skill  - takes skill-id or name as parameter, you can find list of 
              all 150 skills/perks/abilities names and their ids in 
              HoMM 5 pak files are pkzip archives and as such you can access 
              that lua scipt file using winrar/winzip etc. 
  So, for example: add_skill Necromancy
                   add_skill 19                 (give perk pathfinding)

  You can add skills over limit it seems. E.g. more than 6 skills etc. 
  Though you won't see them in ui, but will get benefits.

add_army town nTownID, bUpgrade  - Will fill all hero army slots with 10 
                                   creatures of town id specified. 
                                   Second param is 0 or 1 which controls 
                                   whether creatures are from upgraded 
                                   dwellings or not.

       Town ids:   HEAVEN = 0   PRESERVE = 1  ACADEMY = 2
                   DUNGEON = 3  NECRO = 4     INFERNO = 5

  Example: add_army 5, 0 
           (will fill all hero army slots with 10 basic inferno creatures)

           add_army 4, 1 
           (will fill hero army slots with 10 upgraded Necro creatures)

add_all_spells  - Gives all spells to currently selected hero. 
                  Bypasses all skills reqs, for usage also.

set_hero_luck_morale nLuck nMorale - Sets luck and morale base values 
                                     for current hero. 
                                     For example: set_hero_luck_morale 5 3

show_player_money playernumber - Outputs resource quantities of specified 
                                 player into console. So you can spy on ai. 
                                 Example:  show_player_money 2

show_hero_mp  - Shows detailed movement point stats for currently 
                selected hero - exact quantity, stats for currently 
               plotted path(how many points it'll take).

add_exp quantity    - Adds quantity xp to currently selected hero. 
                      Example: add_exp 5000

clear_money         - Sets all your resources to 0

add_gold quantity   - Sets current gold to quantity and zeroes out 
                      other resources.

add_money quantity  - Sets all resources except gold to quantity and 
                      sets gold to quantity*1000. So add_money 100 
                      gives 100 of everything and 100000 gold.

Battle hack:
People who think that ATB icons are moving too slow, can use next thing:
Add to your profiles/autoexec.cfg the following lines:
setvar ATBAction_AddRemove_Time = 0.2
setvar ATBAction_FadeOut_Time = 0.2
setvar ATBAction_Move_Time = 0.2
setvar ATBBar_ScrollSpeed = 0.2
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