Cheats for FIFA 08 (PC)

Also known as: FIFA 2008
Recommended team, use the following players:
Henry (Chelsea)

The following is a great set of players to have on Manager mode. 
These players are quality buys if you can get them quite cheap and you 
are looking for players who develop into the 96+ category overall rating. 
To find the best players, do a search for all players aged between 16 to 19. 
You can find some 17 or 18 year olds with a rating of 90. These players only 
cost about $7 million because of their age, and you can make them worth 
about 40 in a season if the play well for you:
Goalkeeper: Bruno (Brazilian)
   Defense: Micah Richards
   Defense: Vincent Kompany
   Defense: Sergio Ramos
   Defense: Dani Alves
   Defense: Gareth Bale
   Defense: Raul Albiol
  Midfield: S. Aleksander
  Midfield: Fernando Gago
  Midfield: Francesq Fabregas
   Forward: Cristiano Ronaldo
   Forward: Nani
   Forward: Sergio Aguero
   Forward: Lionel Messi
   Forward: Created player (do not give him too many defense points as they 
                        do not really improve the overall rating for a striker)

Use the following players in the future:
Zubaer Alam (Galib)
Alexandre Pato (Inter)
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