Cheats for Fallout 4 (PC)

The console is no longer enabled with the [~] (tilde) button. 
It is now enabled with the ['] button to the left of the return key. 
Some users may find that the [~] (tilde) key is still the correct 
key with which to access the console.

tmm 1                               - Fully activate all Pip-Boy map markers 
tgm                                 - God mode                               
tdm                                 - Invincibility to damage                
tcl                                 - Toggle no clipping                     
tim                                 - Buddha mode                            
tmm 1                               - Show all places on map                 
kill                                - Kill targeted NPC                      
player.modav carryweight [number]   - Set "carryweight" variable             
tai                                 - Toggle AI                              
tcai                                - Toggle attacks from NPCs               
resurrect                           - Resurrects targeted NPC                
help [text]                         - View ID of indicated object            
killall                             - Kill all NPCs and creatures in the area
coc [cell edid]                     - Teleport to indicated cell              
scof [filename]                     - Send console output to indicated file   
bat [filename]                      - Execute list of commands from text file 
cls                                 - Clear console text                      
player.additem [object id] [amount] - Add item to your inventory              
player.showinventory or player.inv  - Lists inventory with object IDs         
player.equipitem [object id]        - Equip item from the inventory           
player.setav [variable] [amount]    - Set actor value to specific amount      
player.modav [variable] [amount]    - Modify an actor value                   
player.forceav [variable] [amount]  - Set a value                             
player.advlevel                     - Gain one level                          
player.setlevel [level]             - Set level                               
advancepcskill [advskill]           - Advance a point on specific skill branch
getgs [string]                      - View game settings value                
zap                                 - Delete targeted object                  
setScale                            - Set the scale of targeted object        
getScale                            - Display the scale targeted object       
unlock                              - Unlock targeted locked object           
lock [number]                       - Lock targed object with indicated lockp.
activate                            - Activate targeted object normally       
markfordelete                       - Permanently delete targeted object      
                                      Set activation state of targeted object;
setopenstate [0 or 2]               - "0" is close and "2" is open            
setownership                        - Claim ownership of targeted object      

player.placeatme [object id][stack amount][quality] - Spawn item next to player; 
                                       stack value of "1" required for some item

player.moveto [ref id]          - Move to indicated item within the same location
set timescale to [scale]        - Set how fast time passes; default is "30"
set gamehour to [time]          - Sets the game hour to indicated value
getcurrenttime                  - Display current game time
tfc                             - Free-roam camera
tm                              - Toggle visible menus and UI
tdetect                         - AI ignores your existence
resurrect [id]                  - Resurrect indicated creature everywhere
kill [id]                       - Kill indicated creature everywhere
coc qasmoke                     - Teleport to cheat room with boxes 
                                   containing every item
caqs                            - Complete every part of main storyline
sexchange                       - Change your character's gender
setgs fJumpHeightMin [number]   - Set minimum jump height
player.setav speedmult [number] - Set running speed multiplier
player.resethealth              - Full health but radiation remains
                                  View targeted companion's affinity to you;
getav CA_affinity               - maximum is over 1,000
                                  Set targeted companion's affinity; will not
modav CA_affinity [number]      - take effect until next affinity change
fov [number]                    - Set field of view; default is "70"
coc sanctuaryext                - Returns the player to sanctuary

setgs fPowerArmorPCArmorDamageMultiplier - Sets the value of the rate at which
                     the player character's power armor degrades due to damage

getgs fPowerArmorPCArmorDamageMultiplier - Shows the value of the rate at which
                     the player character's power armor degrades due to damage

Object IDs:
Use one of the following values with codes 
that require an [object id] variable:
4CE87    - .38                       
1F66C    - 5Mm Rounds                
1BF72E   - Adhesive                  
1F908    - Aluminum Can              
6907A    - Aluminum                  
AEC5C    - Asbestos                  
154AD3   - Biometric Scanner         
6B165    - Blast Radius Board Game   
59A83    - Camera                    
F        - Caps                      
AEC5E    - Ceramic                   
140C42   - Chest                     
6907B    - Circuitry                 
AEC5F    - Cloth                     
E1FF0    - Coolant Cap               
6907C    - Copper                    
AEC60    - Cork                      
18ABE2   - Cryo Cell                 
171B2B   - Cryolator                 
6907D    - Crystal                   
DC8E7    - Deliverer                 
4D1F2    - Duct Tape                 
1F8F9    - Extinguisher              
BD56F    - Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher
69087    - Fiber Optics              
AEC61    - Fiberglass                
75FE4    - Fusion Core               
6907E    - Gear                      
69085    - Glass                     
AEC62    - Gold                      
1A899B   - Large Baby Bottle         
AEC64    - Leather                   
140C3D   - Left Arm                  
140C49   - Left Leg                  
A        - Lockpick                  
1F669    - Minigun                   
E6B2E    - Mini-Nuke                 
69086    - Nuclear Material          
4835F    - Nuka-Cola Quantum         
1BF732   - Oil                       
59AF8    - Pencil                    
178B5D   - Perception Bobblehead     
6907F    - Plastic                   
59AFB    - Plunger                   
23742    - Rad Away                  
140C45   - Right Arm                 
140C3F   - Right Leg                 
106D98   - Rubber                    
69081    - Screw                     
1EC13E   - Shipment Of Cloth x25     
1EC144   - Shipment Of Fiberglass x25
1EC132   - Shipment Of Steel x5      
AEC66    - Silver                    
1A89A0   - Small Baby Bottle         
69082    - Spring                    
731A4    - Steel                     
23736    - Stimpak                   
140C4A   - T-60 Helmet               
59B2B    - Toy Alien                 
59B2A    - Toy Rocketship            
59B2C    - TV Dinner Tray            
731A3    - Wood                      

Skip introduction sequence:
Use a text editor to edit the "Fallout4.ini" and "Fallout4Prefs.ini" 
files in the directory: 
"\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\ ". 
Find the [General] section and add the line SIntroSequence=1 in both files.
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