Cheats for Eye of the Beholder 2 (PC)

Infinite lives (x) ELiTE'95
00013C7A: 26 EB
00013C7B: 29 02
00013C7C: 47 EE
00013C7D: 1B EE

Infinite magic (x) ELiTE'95
000158F1: 9A EB
000158F2: 4A 03
000158F3: 71 EE
000158F4: 00 EE
000158F5: 00 EE

One hit and enemy will be dead
000137CF: 8B 33
000137D0: 46 C0
000137D1: 0A 90
000137D3: 29 89

Walk through walls
0001157D: 75 EB
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