Cheats for Extreme Warfare Revenge (PC)

Easy money:
Make a backup of the files. Copy the files in the "save" folder into the "data" 
folder. Start the game, enter the editor, select your company, then change the 
current amount of money as high as desired. Note: Do not do this if your money 
is a negative value. Quit the game, then copy the files in the "data" folder 
back into the "save" folder.

Release workers for free: 
If you want to get rid of a worker that is either causing you trouble 
backstage, or just putting on crappy matches, or whatever reason you 
may have, here's a trick to get rid of them for free. 

If you promote and demote them up and down the roster, eventually their 
morale will drop below 40. When it's below 40 you can offer them a release 
and they will leave for free, saving you the money it would take to buy out 
their contract.
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