Cheats for Endless Legend: Symbiosis (PC)

Activating Modding Tools:
You will have to enter a special command in order to enable these tools: 
"-enablemoddingtools" in the launch options of Steam for Endless Legend 
(right click, "Properties”, "General" tab, "Set Launch Options" button).

Warning: Steam achievements and multiplayer sessions are not available 
when these tools are enabled.

Once you've done that, launch a game, press tilde key or enter (to activate 
the chat which is actually the console) and enter "/?": this should give you 
access to several cheats. * Note –Cheats are case sensitive.
If you just type in /ShowMeTheResources without any context it gives you 
999 over every strategic and luxury resource along with 890 pearls and 
9k influence.
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