Cheats for Dying Light (PC)

Unlimited money:
Acquire the Melee Throw Skill. Collect or purchase the most powerful 
weapons that you can find. Travel to a location that is safe from enemies. 
Use the Melee Throw Skill to throw your weapon at a wall. Immediately after 
the throw, open the menu, and the same weapon will also appear there. 
Drop the one from your inventory. You will now have two of the same weapons 
that can be collected, one that was thrown and one that was dropped. 
Pick up the weapon again and throw it. Repeat the process as many times 
as desired to duplicate the weapon. Then, sell the extras for money.

EXPcalibur sword:
Although EXPcalibur sword may randomly appear as loot, you can always find
one in the southeast corner of the map. Go to the boat house at the large 
lake in that area. Note: The blocked bridge should be on your left. Continue
along the rocky shore to your right until reaching the very edge. Look out 
towards the middle of the lake to see a very small island. Begin swimming 
towards that island. After a few minutes you should eventually reach the 
island and find a body holding a sword. The sword's loot icon will read 
"This EXPcalibur belongs to me". Search it to collect the weapon. 

Note: This will take some time. Once the sword is obtained, the corpse will 
catch on fire. The sword cannot be repaired and will eventually break after
a few hits. However it is very power and can kill most zombies with a single
hit. Because its stats improve with your level, collecting it later in the 
game is recommended.

Duplicate Weapons:
Unlock Melee Throw skill - Power Level 4 and Stun prerequisites - in the 
Power Skill menu. Equip a valuable melee weapon. Whichever weapon you 
choose can be duplicated. Throw your chosen weapon. While mid-air, 
open your inventory and drop the thrown weapon. Just after your weapon 
is thrown, it will remain in the Equipped weapon inventory menu.
Try throwing it against a wall. Now you'll have a duplicate of the thrown
weapon - one thrown, one dropped. Keep throwing, dropping, and picking 
up one extra to infinitely duplicate whatever weapon you want. 
Sell the extra duplicate weapons for infinite cash or keep the 
extras for plenty of high quality weapons.
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