Cheats for Darkest Dungeon (PC)

Infinite Gold (Glitch):
You can earn infinite gold by taking advantage of a game glitch that 
is possible thanks to the free items your party members give you as you 
are about to begin a quest. Just follow the process below.

Place 2-4 characters in your party who award you the same provision menu item.
This is most easily accomplished by creating multiples of a particular class 
in the Stage Coach.  Access the Provision menu. Just select any random quest, 
which you won't actually have to initiate and complete. Sell any of the items 
your characters provided you once the quest was selected. 
You can sell any duplicate items, until only one unit of the item in question 
remains in your inventory. For example, you might have three Medicinal Herb 
items if your party includes two Jesters and a Leper, since those characters 
all produce that particular item. You can sell two of them. Return to the quest
menu without initiating the quest. You get to keep the money you gained 
from the sale of the duplicate items. Repeat as often as desired.

Unlock Backer Heroes:
In the Hamlet, select the Stagecoach and press enter, from here you can
enter the names of backe heroes to summon free of charge.
Unlock backer trinkets - Open your trinket menu, press Enter, then type
                        the name of the trinket you wish to summon.
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