Cheats for Dark Stone (PC)

Also known as: DarkStone
Making Gold:
In order to make gold you will need 20000 gold pices and a 
full inventory, as well a one extra potion or item that takes 
up one inventory spot. Once you have this all you need to do 
is go to a remote space in town. Throw 10000 gold pices on the 
ground and fill that empty space with a potion or some item. 
Stand next to the pile of gold on the ground. Open your 
inventory and right click on the pile of gold in your inventory. 
Type 9999 and hit enter. Now throw the pile of 9999 on the ground 
or if your playing with two charactures give it to he/she. 
Close your inventory and pick up the pile of 10000 gold on the 
ground. The computer wont let you because your inventory is full. 
But, when you open up your invevtory the 1 gold piece has turned 
into 10000 gold pieces. Repeat the process to become richer !

Time Orb:
The Time Orb, once you have it, still won't do you a lot of 
good in the battle against Draak. It has only one charge, and 
its effect doesn't last long. You have to do hundreds of points 
of damage to Draak in about 30 seconds if you want to win the fight.

Killed over and over:
Are you tired of getting killed over and over by spike traps and 
mines while you're trying to get to the treasure? The problem often 
can be solved by one or two Scrolls of Telekinesis, or a 
Scroll of Teleport. They cost a few gold pieces, but can 
save you a lot of time.

Magic Bomb:
The spell of choice for magic users, especially between 
levels 1 and 20, is the Magic Bomb. This is a magical contact 
grenade that you can drop directly onto your enemy's head, 
even from around a corner or through a wall. I never saw a 
monster resist it, and it does around 30 to 70 points of 
damage per hit.
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