Cheats for Cyclones (PC)

All cheat codes are entered at the command line during startup.
They must be preceded with 8335791.  e.g.:

CYCLONES 8335791 [-D(E|M|H)] [-W(1-8)]
[-L(Lvl#)] [(MapName)]
[-A(1-3)] [-J]
[startx starty] [startz]

-D(E|M|H)    Set difficulty.
-DE          Easy
-DM          Medium
-DH          Hard

-W "#"       Start with weapons up to the number specified.
Stocked with full ammunition. (e.g. CYCLONES
8335791 -W3 will provide weapons 1 through 3..
. the Gauss Pistol, the Chaingun, and the Alien

-L "#"       Start at level number (e.g. CYCLONES 8335791 -L5)
This automatically starts player at starting
location for that level. Levels 9, 17, 18, 20,
and 24 are incomplete and are not visited during
the course of the game.

"MapName"    Specify a map by name (the .MAP files in the
directory) Location defaults to (1,1).

-A "#"       Start with armored suit/hand weapon 1-3 for the
game. 1=Sabre glove.  2=Saw glove.  3=Nano hand.

-J           Start with the jump jet, with a huge charge on it.

Examples:    CYCLONES 8335791 hive2 30 30
CYCLONES 8335791 -L4 -DE -W4 -A2

Also, running CYCLONE 8335791 (no 'S') starts a SINGLE LEVEL
immediately without the intro.  However, the game will quit at the
end of the level.  Cheat codes may be used as normal.
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