Cheats for CyberStrike 2 (PC)

Turn on Annie Mode, press ` then type /annie.
Then target a cyberpod and press `, then type /tview.
It's like Observe Mode, but you can see their mods.

Turn on /annie Mode, then type /remember roswell, a
UFO will appear above you. Shoot it to the ground and
aliens will fall to the ground, the aliens are wearing
Simutronics shirts.

/setsky 1-18 changes the sky. Each number is a different sky.

/easter egg, bunny, island. Easter island turns on easter egg mode.

Skins, with /annie mode turned on type:
/blood - Blood Skin
/alien - Alien Skin
/satan - Satan Skin
/shark - Shark Skin
/skelepod - Skelepod Skin
/spyder - Spyder Skin
/normal - Default Skin

All the codes below can only be used if /annie mode is on

/flare Removes the flares (dunno what it means though...)
/davis Message
/deploy Message
/slew Locks all you'r movement
/shield Shows shield warning also works for other HUD elements
/nuke one word: BOOOOM!!!
/sound Wierd message when targeting something
/texture Old school CSC ??
/thing Removes all objects (ravens towers etc etc)
/wire Pen and paper mode
/lighting Removes lighting effects from towers n stuff
/circles Tells the closest circle (???)
/rays Lines around objects
/destroy  Destroy a target on command (  )
/mk1 (2) (3) Change pods ingame (pretty cool!)
/gopos X,X,X Warp to any position on the map (use /pos to)
/victory You win!
/loss You lose!!
/easter Message

NOTE: The above cheats are for single player only!

Multiplayer commands:
Press c and type /greg . Then press Shift + : , the map
mod bay and and everything else on the screen will go away
leaving you only to see the arena, verry usefull for taking

Type /pos to get the possition where you are in the arena at that time.

Type /tanj to get the message "David Metzener was here" in the game.

Type /insanity is a bliss to get the message "Have you seen Trent
Tobler?" in the game.
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