Cheats for CyberStorm 2 (PC)

Attention HERC Commanders:
*Edit your STORM.INI file to add the following codes, which will
add a menu item that you can use during the game. The following
list shows the menu functions that can be added (and what code
will activate that function)

[Function] - [Type This Code]:
Get 1 credit - I'll Buy That For A Credit
Get 1,000 credits - Will work for credits
Get 10,000 credits - Mo money
Get 100,000 credits - Too much wheat
Get 1,000,000 credits - You may have already won
Get Mega credits - CUC
Max-O-Repair - As Good as it Gets
Max-O-Commander (Tech + Credits + Facilities) - You da man
Max-O-Facilities - Home is where the heart is
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