Cheats for Cyber Gladiators (PC)

Cheat Codes
Type in the following code (quickly) at the Fighter Selection screen
(you'll hear a noise if successful):

* Allows you (and your opponent) to rip limb from body:
* U+L, U, D, D+R (W+A, W, S, S+D on keys for Player 1)
* Gain unlimited continues:
* U, D, U, D, U, D, L, R, L (W, S, W, S, W, S, A, D, A on keys for
Player 1)
* Disco Mode (long floor and new dance moves):
* U, D, PK+SK (W, D, J+L on keys for Player 1)
* Fight as Bosses:
o Carnigore: Highlight Master Pain and hit SK, PP, PK (L, I, J on
o Schrapp: Highlight Psyclopps and hit PK, PP, SK, PP (J, I, L, I
on keys)
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