Cheats for Cute Knight (PC)

While playing the game, press [F9] to display the console window. 
Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate 
the corresponding cheat function:
global.hp=[1-999]      - set extra health[1-999]      - set extra magic points   
global.xp=[1-5000]     - set extra experience[number]   - set extra gold           
global.str=[1-250]     - set extra strength       
global.combat=[1-250]  - set extra combat         
global.weapons=[1-250] - set extra weapon         
global.magic=[1-250]   - set extra magic          
global.spell=[1-250]   - set extra spell          
global.dream=[number]  - set extra XP             
global.cook=[1-250]    - set extra cook           
global.clean=[1-250]   - set extra clean          
global.brew=[1-250]    - set extra craft          
global.tame=[1-250]    - set extra tame           
global.dream=[1-150]   - set extra dream
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