Cheats for Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard (PC)

In game set gamespeed to pause and press the button 
(its opening a screen were you can save your game and load one)

in the screen that open type:

FUNEXPLORE    - shows the whole map 
FUNCOLORS     - toggle the display colors between grey, brownish, 
                light grey and normal 
FUNLARRY      - play all game sounds very fast, enter again to return to normal 
FUNOUTTAKE    - plays the outtake.mp3 from the CD 
FUNMAPSMALL   - ?????? 
FUNMOREFUN    - ?????? 

Unlock missions:
Unlock missions by typing one of the following codes at the campaign 
selection screen. You will hear a sound if the code was entered correctly 
and also the level will appear on the map. 

OHODIN      - Unlock Normandy Mission 
ZANZARAH    - Unlock England Mission 
AMY         - Unlock Italy Mission 
HADSCHI     - Unlock Miklagard Mission 
HABSPASS    - Unlock The Warager Guard Mission 
SVENKOMMT   - Unlock The Battle for Byzantium Mission 
GOTHICRULES - Unlock Alexandria Mission 
REGENGOTT   - Unlock Baghdad Mission 
SCHATTENFEE - Unlock Wigrid Wall Mission 

Turbo mode:
While playing a game, press [F2], then type "funspeedup". 
Press P to pause the game and return to normal. A sound will 
chime if you did it right.
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