Cheats for Crusader Kings 2: Jade Dragon (PC)

After opening up the command by pressing the [~] key, enter the following codes to 
activate the corresponding cheats:

age [char-id] +/-(#)             - Add or subtract a character's age           
add_learning [char-id] +/-(#)    - Add or subtract a character's learning      
add_martial [char-id] +/-(#)     - Add or subtract a character's martial       
add_stewardship [char-id] +/-(#) - Add or subtract a character's stewardship   
add_intrigue [char-id] +/-(#)    - Add or subtract a character's stewardship   
add_diplomacy [char-id] +/-(#)   - Add or subtract a charcter's diplomacy      
cash                             - 5000 gold
observe                          - Causes you to become an observer
culture [enter culture here]     - Change your characters culture              
religon [enter sect here]        - Change your religion                        
clear                            - clears the console screen 
kill (character ID)              - kills the character associated with the ID put in.                              
marry_anyone                     - Lets you marry anyone including close family
allow_laws                       - Lets You Set Any Law with no wait or vote   
piety	                         - 5000 piety                                   
discover_plots                   - plots are always discovered 
                                   (repeat to have to search again)
prestige                         - 5000 prestige                               
help                             - prints the message "No help for you!"
play (Probably character ID)     - Switches your control to the owner of the ID put in
charinfo 1                       - unlock extra character info                 
event                            - Impregnates female character by male character 
event 38283                      - Remove arbitrary                               

pollinate female char-id male char-id          - Remove ill                                     
imprison [char-id](prisoner) [char-id](jailer) - puts prisoner in jailer's dungeon
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