Cheats for Crimson Skies (PC)

Play Any Mission
In the campaign menu, right click on the microphone on the left
side of the screen and type "idaho." A menu will appear in the
top right of the screen that lets you access any of the mission.

Type "I AM THE ACE!!" at the Weapons Loadout Menu before
each mission.

All gallery pictures:
Select the "Previous Missions" option at the campaign mode main menu.
Click the "Rogue Pilots & Co." symbol on the bottom left of the screen,
then type: ispy.

Hex Cheat:
Hexedit the status.dat file in the savegame folder.
Find the name of the plane, then using the first
character of the plane name as a reference, add 30
to the offset (e.g. 1130 ---> 1160).
The following string is the number of hardpoints on
the chosen airplane. Each value takes up four bytes.

03 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 means 3 hardpoints on the left
wing, 1 on the right. Edit as you wish.

Then add 70 to the initial offset (1130 ---> 11A0).
That's the armor level of the plane. E.g.

0A 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00

That means 10 armor on each slot. Change it all to FF to
be invulnerable to just about anything but crashes.
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