Cheats for Crazy Taxi (PC)

Please enter these at the driver/car selection screen:
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[F8]  - Another day level.
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[F9]  - Bike taxi (cycle-rickshaw).
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[shift]+[F7]  - Expert mode.
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[F6]  - No arrows.
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[F5]  - No destination marks.
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[F2]  - Reset system during game.

Flip over trucks and buses:
Go to the highway in arcade mode and drive on the
high lane. Then, knock a truck that says "wow" off
the high lane onto the low lane into a truck or bus.

More money:
Your passenger will get excited and give you more
money when you pass other drivers on the road.
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