Cheats for Conquest Earth (PC)

there are two ways for cheating in conquest earth
1) in the workarea dir you can find the save game files
(es.hgame01-02 etc.)
If you have only 1 life you can edit the save game and change
the 6th row for example one life is 0101 change to 0103.

2) for money -resources -and all you want you need to edit the
ce_text.wad in the main directory there you will find all, for
example i find the level resources for level 13 at line 0007f980 .

Choose Difficulty in the Difficulty Screen then type one
of the following cheats:

KICKS BUTT     = Level 5
TRIFFIDS       = Level 10
JUPITER        = Level 15
BIG GREEN      = Level 20
MONSTER        = Level 25
H G WELLS      = Level 30
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